Our Services

Well & Production Engineering

We provide expert advice on well and production engineering covering completion design,  reservoir surveillance and stimulations.

  1. Complex and unconventional completion design
  2.  Tubular stress analysis
  3. Fracture stimulation design, planning, and post frac assessment and optmization
  4. Wellbore stability assessment and optimum mud weight recommendation
  5. Well performance modelling and  optimization
  6. Flow assurance studies
  7. Artificial lift design and optimization

Petrophysics & Geomechanics

  1. Open hole and cased hole log interpretation
  2. Rock mechanical properties from logs and cores
  3. 3D Geo-mechanical model for 3D frac design and wellbore stability assessment
  4. Production log Interpretations
  5. Perforation gun performance assessment based on downhole formation mechanical properties


  1. Fracture stimulation design and optimization
  2. Fundamentals of well completions and workovers
  3. Fundamentals of artificial Lift Systems and design
  4. Customized training program on need basis